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Highly Recommended

I am a single parent so was a bit nervous searching for roofing contractors because I knew nothing about the business. I had over 6 leaks in my home so I knew it was time. The sales guy who came out was not pushy, and he took the time to explain all the different types of roofs I could choose from. He had a lot of knowledge about roofing and made the process really easy for me. I will definitely refer this company to family and friends.

Hannah R.
August 12, 2014
Easy to Work With

I had 2 other contractors come out and give me estimates on painting my house, interior and exterior. I went with Valet Works because the employee who came out didn't just give me an estimate, he explain to me what I was paying for. He followed up with me every 3 days until the job was complete. It was a simply process. My husband and I are very satisfied.

Sam S.
August 12, 2014
Marietta GA

Valet Works did my roof 8 months ago. Everything has been absolutely great. No leaks, No missing shingles pieces. My roof was approve through my insurance company. Valet Works sales person met the adjuster and made sure my roof was paid for in full after it was previously decline after the last storm. Thanks


Atwood M.
August 12, 2014
Kennesaw GA

I got my roof and gutter done by Valet Works. One of there sales Reps knocked on my door and told me he saw hail and wind damage on my roof. He explained to me that it could be replaced by my insurance company with little to no money out of pocket from me. They assisted me with calling into my insurance company and met the adjuster. My roof and gutters were paid for by the insurance company and Valet Works did the work for the price the insurance company came up with. Valet Works also did my neighbors roof. Thanks

Will D.

Will D.
August 12, 2014
Acworth, Cartersville, and Cummings Renovations

I am an investor that buys and flips a few homes throughout the year. I previously used a contractor for 13 years that unfortunately retired. He referred me over to this company but of course I was really skeptical. Believe it or not their builders/crews are just as good as my old contractor if not better! So far Valet Work has renovated 4 investment homes I've purchased, and repainted my personal home. I was told they specialize in roofing so I will most likely be using them for my roof in the next 2 years. Keep up the great work guys.


Mr. Edan

George E.
August 12, 2014
Good Job

I was very surprised at how fast everything was done! The claims representative told me they would build my roof in one day but I did not believe him. Valet Works made the entire process easy of replacing my roof. Thanks

Zachery M.
August 11, 2014


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