8 Eye-Catching Ideas for Apartment’s Exterior Makeover Projects

8 Eye-Catching Ideas for Apartment’s Exterior Makeover Projects

The exterior of your apartment is just as important as the interior. It’s the first thing people see when they look at your apartment, so you want it to be attractive and well-maintained. A good exterior can add value to your apartment and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Are you sick of your bland, dull apartment exterior? Do you long for something more exciting and unique?

Well, your dreams may be closer than you think! With a little hard work and creative ingenuity, you can give your apartment a fantastic makeover that will leave your neighbors green with envy. Imagine coming into an apartment with a brand-new exterior every day. You’d feel like you’re on vacation whenever you walk through the door.

Look no further if you’re looking for inspiration when giving your apartment’s exterior a makeover! These ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing. From adding pops of color to installing new windows, there’s something here for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your new look today!

Why Should You Modernize Your Apartment’s Exterior?

Some people think that an apartment’s appearance is significant. They may like historic apartments more because they have more charm and character. Other people might not like older apartments because they don’t look like newer ones.

You might need to change the exterior of your apartment for many reasons, for example, if the old wooden pegs or mortar used to secure the tiles on the front of your building have broken, and new tiles need a more permanent replacement – usually double-nailing or screwing. If you want to update the exterior of your building, you can find some ideas here.

Apartment’s Exterior Makeover Ideas

1. Use Exterior “Accent Walls” to Be Bold With Your Design

You can make your exterior walls stand out by using bold colors. This makes your apartment look different and can help it stand out from others. The unique design is completed with various colors, such as white and gray. Fiber cement panels provide a quick and easy option for creating a distinctive style. Lime green panels stand out against the bright white boundaries. You can choose whichever color you want but be sure to use this color as trim on the outside of your apartment to make it all look the same.

2. A Farmhouse-Style Front Porch Restoration

Adding a farmhouse-style front porch to your apartment exterior can improve its look. This type of porch is popular now and can make your place stand out from the others. Plus, it can be a great place to relax or entertain guests. Here are some tips for adding a farmhouse-style front porch to your apartment:

I. Start by Picking Out the Right Furniture

Farmhouse-style furniture is typically quite simple and rustic. Look for pieces made of wood or metal with clean lines. You can usually find affordable options at stores like Ikea or Target.

II. Add Some Plants to Your Porch

This will help give it a more natural look and feel. Choose plants that are hardy and can withstand the elements.

III. Hang Some Lights

Lighting is critical for any porch, but especially a farmhouse-style one. Look for strings of lights or lanterns to hang around your patio.

IV. Consider Painting Your Front Door

It is a quick and easy way to add some personality to your porch. Choose a color that compliments the rest of your exterior.

V. Add Some Final Touches

Farmhouse-style porches typically include personal touches like signs, wreaths, or doormats.

3. Change the Perspective

It is frequently worth altering the overall proportions of a building for a significant renovation. This may be done by making it taller or wider or adding aesthetics and space, more excellent symmetry, or replacing poorly designed extensions added by prior owners.

You will need to get permission from your local government first, but depending on what you want to do, you might not need to get a lot of other licenses if you are doing partial demolitions. If you are changing many things, try to make it look like the original building.

4. Combine Natural Elements with Modern Design

The idea of a closer connection to nature is growing among businesses across sectors as they attempt to incorporate environmentally aware trends, motifs, and production methods into their items. Including “old” and “new” in modern apartment exteriors is natural. Architects have been mixing both contemporary and more natural elements for years.

Finding a new approach to accomplishing the same thing is what it’s all about. The key is to come up with an innovative approach to do it. Rustic elements, such as natural wood grain patterning on the siding, are common in modern apartment exteriors that succeed at this. The result is a novel yet familiar air that feels contemporary.

5. Go for Changing the Exterior Finishes

You might want to change the look of your apartment for many reasons. If your apartment has stone cladding, pebbledash, mismatched bricks, or a blend of external surfaces, you may replace it with something new to create a distinct appearance. Painting your building using masonry paint in a white or neutral color can help unify the different materials. Another option is to render the exterior walls and repaint them. If you want to give your home a brand new, contemporary appearance, cladding your building’s exterior will make a dramatic difference.

Different Types of Exterior Finishes Which You Can Use for Your Apartment

Begin by examining samples of your cladding alternatives at various times of the day. Request new and aged specimens from your vendor to see how your property will look freshly clad a few months later. Ensure the weight of your chosen cladding or render is appropriate for your apartment, as some materials are heavier than others. Some of the examples are given below:

  • Concrete render
  • Masonry paint
  • Metal
  • Stone tiles
  • Brick slips
  • Fiber-cement
  • Weatherboarding
  • Timber boarding
  • Composite cladding
  • Laminate cladding
  • PVCu cladding

6. Sprucing up the Landscaping

Some people are changing the outside of their apartments, making it look nicer with new plants and trees. Adding fresh flowers or plants can make a difference and make your apartment look more inviting. In this way, you will feel closer to nature. If you don’t have a lot of space, you can still add some greenery with potted plants.

7. A Welcoming Entrance – Colorful Life

The colors in nature are essential because we can use them to create harmony and balance. For example, if we are feeling stressed out, we might choose to surround ourselves with greens and blues, which are calming colors. Similarly, if we want to feel more energetic, we might select brighter colors like yellows and oranges. Humans have been using colors to affect their emotions for centuries, so it is no surprise that we can enhance the exterior of our apartments with paint.

Making your apartment’s entrance look brighter and more welcoming can improve its exterior appearance. You can do this by painting the door and trimming it a different color or adding some new decorations to make it stand out.

I. Best Colors for Your Front Door

  • Blue, lilac, and purple – Blue, lavender, and purple are visitors’ most popular paint colors. They’re perfect for curb appeal and establishing spiritual connotations (especially in the case of lilac).
  • Black and grey—The associations of anonymity, exclusivity, and understated elegance are linked to the use of black and grey front door colors.
  • Teal – This beautiful hue is cheerful and calm, sitting halfway between cool and warm shades.

II. Colors to Avoid for Front Door

The colors mentioned below are likely to repel potential customers and, in some situations, may even decrease the value of your apartment.

  • Bright pink and brown – Unless it’s made of natural wood.
  • Bright yellow – It’s a good choice for a country cottage but unsuitable in all situations.
  • Green – If you’re talking about a traditional Farrow & Ball paint color, ask an expert if you’re unsure what color to pick.

8. Bring the Modern with an Asymmetrical Style

Some people might think that symmetry is only for older-style buildings. But modern apartments can look good with a bit of asymmetry. This is when one side of the structure differs from the other. You can play with height, overhangs, bump-outs, window placement, and texture. You can also change the color to make one side look different. Asymmetry can make your apartment building look more modern and exciting.

Looking to Give Your Apartment a Facelift?

Valet Works is excited to offer exterior makeover services for apartment communities! Our team of experienced professionals can completely transform the look of your buildings with various options, including painting, siding, and roofing. We work closely with property managers to ensure that the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible for everyone involved. Contact us today to learn more about our services and see some of our recent projects!

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