About Us


Mission Statement

To add value to our clients through superior construction services, speed, innovation, and integrity; There is no greater gratitude partnering with the United States federal government to build facilities for the men and women risking their lives, departing from love ones, and fighting for our freedom to protect our country.

5 Core Values:

1. Accountability  2. Integrity  3. Respect
4. Commitment  5. Professionalism

Our Core Values

Our philosophy is simple.  Our goal has never been to be the biggest, we prefer being the best. We strive to deliver ultimate ways and services to improve communities, while delivering a valet-like customer service experience. (Living up to our name “Valet Construction”)

Our Care for Environment and Global Warming

All of Valet Construction printed literature; our flyers, business cards, and promos are recycled, made from recycled materials, or both.

Valet Construction also recycles all company electronics, batteries, ink cartridges, and more.

Our Leadership

Valet Works was founded in Kennesaw, GA by dedicated members with a passion for improving Government properties, Multifamily Communities, and commercial buildings. Since all our owners are actively involved in Valet Works day-to-day operations, you can expect a level of personal attention and world-class service that many of our competitors simply cannot provide.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on being a company that delivers genuine satisfaction from taking care of each other, as well as our partners; you. Therefore, we developed a proprietary 8-Step Screening Process for new hires. Our employees occasionally have gift cards to their favorite store on their truck seats when they arrive to work.  We also hired third party, certified mental health psychologist any of our employees can contact anytime, paid for by Valet Construction.

Our Programs

Valet Construction design programs that are unique and will benefit your community or project the most. In a summation our goal is to improve your community and increase your revenue. We appreciate your feedback on different ways we can help your community.

Our Commitment and Dedication

Valet Construction is dedicated to making property managers’ daily task easier to manage.

We are committed to doing everything we tell you we will do. With NO excuses. Valet Construction is and organization that believes firmly in six sigma; simply improving quality and minimizing error.

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