After How Long, an 8A Certified Company Is Awarded a Project?


8A certification is only awarded to some companies. Because to get 8A certification, one must have up-to-the-mark facilities and services to provide, after which they are awarded an 8A certificate. But the question is, after how long does an 8A company get its first project?

The time it takes before a company’s first contract is awarded after 8(a) certification depends on several factors, such as the company’s size and type of business, the agency doing the contracting, the competition for that particular contract, and the number of qualified bidders. Generally speaking. However, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

This article is all about a basic overview and information regarding 8A contracts and the time it takes for them to get their first project. So sit back, relax and go through this article.

Factors Increasing the Chances for an 8A Company To Get Projects

As discussed above, 8A companies are highly qualified to get this certification. But above all, there are a lot of other companies that have the same certification.

So what increases the chances of these companies getting their first project?

1. Experience And Expertise

Experience is the first thing that determines the value and reliability of any company, whether it is an 8A company or any other company. 8A companies have the expertise to handle any kind of project. This can increase the chances of getting projects as early as possible.

Valet Works #1 8A certified contractor is one of a few companies with a good name in the market. They were awarded a big project in their early weeks after getting 8A certification.

It was because they could bring in industry best practices, strong execution capabilities, and the right resources to help complete the project successfully and on time.

2. Good Reputation

Companies that are SBA certified, like Valet Works, have a good reputation in the industry. This helps them get more projects as they have happy relations and a good name is the people out there.

This point is one of the most important points as it increases the chances for one to get more and more projects.

3. Demonstrate Past Success

Showing potential customers that you have successfully completed similar projects or tasks can help establish credibility and trust.

Like the example of Valet Works, they had done a lot of projects before getting SBA certification. Due to this, they were awarded a big early project.

4. Offer Competitive Pricing

Many organizations look for contractors offering a reasonable service rate. Offering competitive rates can improve your chances of getting contracts.

5. Provide Value-Added Services

Offering additional services such as installation or training can be a great way to stand out from the competition. It can only be expected from professional people. It creates a positive image and helps maintains a good social connection.

6. Having A Well-Developed Corporate Website

An 8A company needs to have a professional, easy-to-navigate website showcasing its services, capabilities, and portfolio of work.

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