Atlanta GA
I own a small shopping plaza about 10 miles south of the dome. The plaza contain 11 outlet stores and Valet Works has been doing small renovation for me about 7 years now. A few of my tenants began complaining about the pot holes and bumpy-ness all throughout the parking lot. I randomly ask Jason, the regional manager of Valet Works if this was something in their field, forgot they were a licensed general contracting firm. The ended up giving me a great deal about 6 thousand dollars less than a local pavement company I called. it was an $80,000 job but well worth it. My tenants are extremely happy, the parking lot is as smooth as ever. I want to thank Valet Works personally for working this project over the holiday, which really worked out because there was not as much traffic going through the parking lot. Thanks, and I am sure ill be calling you guys some for a fix.