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Kim V

Commercial Roof in Cartersville GA
I own a financial advising office in Cartersville Ga. The building is a little under 40 years old. It had a TPO roof which began to sag and leak everywhere. What I like about Valet Works is I called them to go out and inspect the roof and give me a free inspection and estimate. (I did this with 2 other companies as well). Valet Works insisted that I am there during their assessement so they could review things with me. The stay at my property for about an hour educating me on how they would rebuild a modified roof and explained why this roof was better. They also explained the warranties and how long the roof should last when installed correctly. I got a really good vibe and appreciated that they were the only company that came out and explained everything to me. My roof is about 200 squares and cost about $140,000. This was not the lowest estimate I received but you pay for what you get and they did an excellent job.
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