Top 8 Tips for Choosing Best Doors for Your Apartment

Top 8 Tips for Choosing Best Doors for Your Apartment

Are you looking for a new door to update your apartment? Choosing the right door for your apartment can be a daunting task. You want something that is durable, affordable and looks good. There are many factors to consider, such as style, materials, and soundproofing. But with a little bit of thought and research, you can find the perfect door either for your newly built apartment or be willing to get your old apartment renovated.

This article will discuss some of the most important factors to consider when choosing an interior door. We will also provide tips for narrowing down your choices and finding the best door for your needs.

Tips for Choosing the Best Door

Selection of door mainly depends on its location where it is being installed, such as

  • The external or main door
  • Interior doors such as
    • Doors for bedrooms
    • Doors for washrooms

There are different types of doors for various locations that serve other purposes. Choosing the right door for the right spot in your apartment is essential. For example, you would not use a bathroom door as your front door. Front doors need to be sturdy and durable, while internal doors only need to provide privacy. Below are some factors to consider when choosing the right doors for your apartment.

1. The Size of the Door

The first thing to think about is the size of the door in proportion to the size of the room. For smaller apartments, it is crucial to choose a door that does not take up too much space so that you can use that space for other purposes. This same principle applies to front and internal doors, including bathroom ones.

However, if you have more space in your apartment, then you may want to choose a bigger, more lavish door that will add charm and style to your apartment.

It would help if you also ensured that the door was wide enough to accommodate stretchers, furniture, and wheelchairs.

2. The Weight of the Door

A standard interior door weighs about 30 pounds, but some doors can be much heavier. Selecting a door that is too heavy could cause it to warp over time or become difficult to open and close. So the weight of the door plays a crucial role in selecting a door for your apartment.

3. The Design of the Door

When choosing the door style for your house, you should consider the size of your apartment. If your apartment is not very big, you should not choose a very big and fancy door, or it will look strange. You can choose different styles for your door, but try to keep some things the same so that the design of your house looks good. Also, be careful not to pick a door that is too big or too small for the room it is in.

4. Door Materials

The quality of timber for the solid wood door is a major deciding factor when selecting a door. Solid wood doors come in many species, so the total cost varies. Cherry, mahogany, alder, maple, pine, and other hard and soft woods are frequently utilized. The 6-panel pine door is the most popular solid-wood door. These doors are generally used on exteriors but may occasionally be seen indoors. Keep in mind that because solid wood shrinks and expands according to changes in temperature and humidity, it’s not ideal for use inside bathrooms, saunas, or other moist locations.

5. Door Swing

A door swing is also a point to consider while selecting a door. The first is whether you want a right-hand or left-hand door swing. It will determine the hinges and handles and which way the door swings when it opens and closes.

The next thing to think about is where the door will open. Ideally, a door should never open into a hall or corridor, so try to keep that in mind when choosing which way your door swings.

6. SoundProofing

Interior doors are soundproofed by the STC (sound transmission class), which indicates the amount of sound loss through the door. The greater the STC rating, the more sound will be stopped from passing through the door. Of course, this is determined mainly by the material used to make the door.

  • On average, 25 is at or near the lower end of the STC scale (most normal speech can be heard through these doors).
  • 40 is in the center.
  • Anything over 60 should be virtually wholly silent.

7. Privacy / Security

When choosing a door for your apartment, you must consider your needs and privacy concerns. A glass door is not the best option if you want to keep people from walking into your home without permission. Wooden doors provide more security and privacy as compared to glass doors.

However, if privacy is not a significant concern, several types of glass doors can provide an attractive and elegant entrance to your home. These include stained glass, one-sided glass, and frosted glass.

8. Door Framing

Framing can be of two forms.

●     Pre-Hung

A pre-hung door comes already built in a frame with the hinges attached to the jamb.

●     Slab Doors

Slab doors are delivered as a single piece, and you’ll need to add hinges and a door frame to ensure it’s hung correctly.

Tips for Installing a Door

The next job to be done is installing the door after selecting it. Installation of the door is critical if you want your door to function correctly. The following tips will help you in establishing a door.

  1. Measure the rough opening of the door.
  2. Mark the location of hinges on the door and wall.
  3. Drill holes for the screws that will hold the hinges.
  4. Screw in the hinges to the door and wall.
  5. Hang the door by lifting it and screwing in the provided screws on top.
  6. Close and latch the door to check alignment; make adjustments as necessary
  7. Install threshold (if desired).
  8. Add weatherstripping around the edge of the threshold, if desired.
  9. Install knob or handle (or leave off temporarily if painting).
  10. Touch up paint or caulk as needed.
  11. Test the door to make sure it opens and closes smoothly.

That’s it! You’ve now installed a new door.


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