12 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A 8(a) General Contractor

12 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A 8(a) General Contractor

A dependable 8a contractor is crucial for any thriving community. They’re responsible for erecting the very foundations we use every day. If it weren’t for their buildings, our lives would be in shambles. That’s why picking a reputable construction business to partner with should be at the top of your list.

If you’re new to the program and considering enlisting an 8a contractor for your next building project, congrats! Whether it’s a small renovation or large-scale construction, having experienced help is always ideal. However, since every project differs in size and scope (not to mention budget), it can be tricky to find the right 8a contractor.

We’ve compiled a list of the most important questions before hiring an 8a contractor. It will help you find the perfect contractor for your project and avoid costly mistakes.

1. Are You a Qualified, Bonded, and Insured Contractor?

Any 8a contractor you work with must be licensed and insured. If a potential contractor tells you that their license has expired or is being processed, it’s an immediate red flag, and you should walk away from the conversation.

In other words, if they hurt themselves or accidentally damage something while working on your project, you’re not responsible. Also, their license protects you from any legal responsibility in the event of injuries and accidents. Consequently, it ensures the security of both your company and your assets

2. How Long Have You Been in Operations?

You’ll likely have more success if you choose an 8a contractor who has been in business for a while and therefore has the experience to do your build-out correctly. With hourly contracting, you run some risks; for example, missing out on certain aspects of construction or having poor workmanship overall.

3. What Have You Worked on Previously?

An 8a contractor will always be happy to show you examples of their work so that you can feel confident in their ability. You should also ask for references from past customers. By gauging customer satisfaction, you’ll get a sense of whether or not the 8a contractor is right for your needs.

4. Have You Ever Done Something Like This Before?

Experience is vital when you’re looking for somebody to do a good job. In both new construction and remodeling, how long someone has been in the business matters. The last thing you want is for them to make mistakes that will cost time and money to fix. If you want the best result, choose an 8a contractor that has been around for a while. Contractors with more experience are better equipped to handle unexpected requests and stay on schedule and under budget.

5. What are the Guarantees You Make at Work?

A good 8a contractor will always want to get paid for high-quality work and will often offer guarantees to their clients. When looking for a specific contractor, don’t be fooled by vague promises such as those that detail changes in the project, material cost fluctuations, timeframe guarantees, or responsibilities. If you are unsure about anything, it is always best to ask questions and seek clarification.

6. How Long Will it Take to Finish the Construction?

You and your 8a contractor must set deadlines for the construction of the space. Be sure that the builder guarantees they will finish the job on schedule and has appropriate repercussions if they do not meet the deadline.

7. Have You Ever Been Involved in A Lawsuit?

Although this subject may be sensitive for some, it is still important to understand the answer. There are three main components to this question.

I. Have You Ever Been Sued?

If the candidate answers “yes” to whether they’ve been sued, it’s not an immediate sign that you should disqualify them. Though, you want to find out more about the case, such as how it was resolved and the contractor’s reaction or response.

II. Have You Ever Gone to Court or Filed A Mechanics Lien Against A Property?

It is crucial that you understand the finer points of any potential business dealings. This will give you some insight into their character and whether or not they are trustworthy. You can always check up on them using the public and SBA records to be sure.

III. Have You Ever Had A Major Accident that Resulted In Hospitalization or Injuries?

It’s okay if the 8a contractor made a mistake—everyone does. What matters is how they handled the situation and what steps they are taking to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

8. What Distinguishes You from Other 8a Contractors?

An 8a contractor that is always busy and on the go is more beneficial to hire than one who isn’t since they will have connections with the city and more knowledgeable project managers. Hiring an experienced commercial 8a contractor may be difficult, but it will be worth it in the end.

9. Have You Ever Declared Bankruptcy or Conducted Business Under A Different Name?

You need to exercise caution if the 8a contractor has gone bankrupt in the past because there is a higher chance of them going bankrupt again. You should also research any other companies the contractor has worked for to see if there might be a reason why they are no longer employed there.

There are several aspects you must consider when vetting contractors beyond if they can do the job. You need to determine their character and if you’re compatible with them as well as get a sense of their reputation in the field. Then, you can start thinking about project logistics like timelines and communication channels.

10. What is the Timeline for Your Payments?

To ensure you avoid any issues, the contractor should have a payment schedule set up where you pay for the project in stages. Ask for a Certificate of Occupancy before making the final payment as well – this shows that the job is completed and meets all safety standards.

11. How Do You Clean up After Yourself at the Job Site?

You should aim to keep your worksite clean each day. If they give a half-hearted response, you may ask, “Would it be an issue if I wanted my work sites cleaned up at the end of each day?” It’s important to maintain a tidy job site for both yourself and those who pass by.

12. What Would Our Agreement Entail?

Before you hire an 8a contractor, it is crucial that you discuss the contract with them. This way, both parties will be legally protected. Once this document has been signed by both of you, only then can work begin to be exchanged for money.

Not all contractors may accept this method, but before giving your approval, have a lawyer review the contract first. The language in these documents usually favors and protects the interests of the contractor rather than yours if it’s in their best interest.

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