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When it comes to managing apartment complexes and condominiums there is always minor to large maintenance and repair work. Whether it’s mending a leaky faucet, nailing down sagging shingles, painting walls, or unsticking that sticking door, Valet Works will take care of your problems.

When tenants depart from your community the main concern is getting that unit back to excellent condition, within timely fashion, so it can be leased again. For apartment owners, the expense of repairing units to its original condition is also a big concern. Let Valet Works keep your turnover expenses cost down and keep all of your buildings and units in great condition by providing quality repair work. We promise durable repairs.

Valet Works Construction, Repair, and Restoration Teams specialize in the following:

  • Pipe burst
  • Roofing and Gutters
  • Renovations
  • Ceiling Stains Repair
  • Restoration / Disaster Recovery
  • Drywall Repair/Replacement
  • Mold Remediation
  • Pressure Washing
  • Painting Interior/Exterior
  • Carpet Repair/Replacement
  • Turn Key Business
  • Insurance Claims
  • Electrical Work
  • And More…

Why Choose Valet Works for Repairs?

We are known for having a fast response team. In emergencies we view damages within 24 hours. When searching for material we contact multiple suppliers to assure we are saving you the highest amount on cost. This will also reduce your expenses. At Valet Works we always provide free inspections on roofs, gutters, and all other repair work. We can also do inspections every time your tenants move out to speculate damages. Our team works diligently and fast so your units can be leased quicker. Our services take work-loads off your maintenance staff. Being an “All-In-One” Vendor servicing company for multifamily home we save you a lot of time and cost.

constructandmaint_MDValet Works will handle your Insurance Claims

After Catastrophes; Hail Storms, Wind Storms, Floods, Freezing Temperatures, Lightning Strikes, and more… Valet Works will deal with your Insurance provider directly. We interact with your insurance company to assure they are paying you the correct amount for all of the damage that occurred. After we communicate with your Insurance company and they have paid out the accurate amount for the damages, Valet Works does all of the repairs for that same amount; which means, we will not ask you for more money over what your Insurance provider has agreed to pay.

Thinking About Renovating?

Renovating is a great way to attract new, quality prospects and boost your community’s reputation. Renovating can be costly but the returns on your investment is tremendous. On average, after renovating, monthly rent rates increase 6% to 13% and the value of the community increases from 3 million to 11 million dollars. Renovating is the best opportunity you have to increase you Cash Flow and Ultimate Sale Value of your apartment complex.

Did You Know?...

Engineers have proved that hail and wind damaged roofs will eventually cause leaks, and after a certain amount of this damage your Insurance provider will pay to replace the entire roof on all buildings. Leaks cause a lot more damage than stains on ceilings, so your insurance provider will pay to replace the roof to prevent further damage such as mold. After a leak begins from the roof it will gradually worsen until the roof is repaired or replaced. Continually painting over the stains or replacing/patching drywall ceilings is a waste of money until the roof is fixed.

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Here are some of the communities we’ve worked in:

1st Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia, 2nd Headquarters Los Angeles California, All North Georgia area, All North and South California areas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, California, Southeast States, and West Coast