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It’s that time of year again! Incoming freshman are prepared to walk into their new home away from home.  It is no secret that off campus apartment complexes are marketing to attract students with a growing list of amenities such as swimming pools, gaming centers, and movie theaters.

Investors understand dorm facilities are no longer just a convenient place for students to sleep; they have become integral elements woven into the campus roots and most of the most effective college and university recruiting techniques.

Valet Works Construction will assist you with profit margins, budgeting, and most important; making students feel at home.  We have over 6 years of experience in student housing renovations, restoration and remodels.  Whether it’s just a few individual units to turn or a full building renovation. Renovations and keeping your student dormitory up to date will save money in the long run and preserve your school’s storied history.

Accidents happen.  Catastrophe claims in student housing is expected.  In the wintertime, pipes may burst, and in the spring a building may be hit by a hailstorm.  Valet Works Construction all ways have staff available for these circumstances.  We also have a team of commercial adjusters to be your advocate during these catastrophes to ensure your insurance provider is paying the most for your claims.

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