At Valet Works Construction, we understand the importance of top-quality coordination, planning, and supervision. Through several stringent processes and integrated technology workflow management platforms, we can guarantee our work, and ensure that our clients receive the best service, from project start to project finish.

As General Contractors it is our job to minimize risk, coordinate the construction team effectively, and ensure quality of the entire build. Whether we are working with architects, engineers, or subcontractors, our clients can be confident that we are committed to delivering a high-quality project, on time and on budget.

Modern apartment buildings in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.

No matter what the size of a project, there is always an important task presented by correct coordination and planning. From analyzing the architect's plans to provide construction related feedback, to making sure all the correct safety regulations are followed, it is up to the general contracting team to ensure all construction activities are executed. Valet Works Construction have a team that is trained, skilled, and ready to take on this task, and get it planned out the right way.

Strong partnerships with vendors, subcontractors, and a diverse pool of suppliers are the key to delivering a project on time, and within budget. Our team takes pride in its industry wide connections and partnerships and works with only the best firms in the field to bring you the best in general contracting services.

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