Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When acquiring business with Valet Works, does my community have to accept all of your services and amenities?

A. No, We perform analysis and offer services that will only improve and add value to your community. We accept all business, large or small.

Q. Since Valet Works offer many different services, does this mean you are not specialist in fields?

A. No, We are specialized and licensed in every service and amenity we offer. We have separate teams for all sectors in our company, and each team specializes in their particular field. Our Landscaping Team does NOT repair Appliances, and our Valet Trash Team does NOT perform Pest Control Services; we have separate teams for each duty.

Q. Is Valet Works Licensed and Insured?

A. Yes, and Yes. We are covered of workers compensation, liability and motor vehicle. And our employees carry all of the certificates and/or licensing needed to perform their particular services.

Q. Can my community keep our current vendor we are under contract with and use Valet Works?

A. Yes, you may finish your current contract terms with your current vendors or keep them for as long as you wish. Just remember Valet Works is known for minimizing expense cost and beating our competitors’ prices, whilst providing the same, if not better quality work.

Q. Who will be working in my community?

A. Only well trained, supervised personnel with proper equipment, and in Valet Works uniform.

Q. Does Valet Works conduct turnkey business?

A. Yes, our construction team has great experience in turnkey construction/building for multifamily homes.

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