Commercial Renovations


Valet Works provides the construction management skills required to successfully complete the physical aspects of the value creation process for the acquisition of multifamily rental or conversion to condominium communities. Valet Works executes the structural and aesthetic work that helps to create, enhance and preserve value, providing favorable returns to investors and a superior product to residents.  Valet Works offers comprehensive services to clients in every aspect of commercial renovation: pre-construction services, project management, construction, delivery, and project closeout.

Valet Works stays focused on schedules and delivery of an excellent product for the national brands it represents, taking extra care to keep noise levels low, construction equipment out of sight, and keeping levels of communication high. How is Valet Works reinventing commercial renovation? By giving our clients exactly what they ask for in a timely manner

Valet Works incorporates and coordinates all required disciplines as necessary for the construction process of each project; including architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and environmental analysis and design. Valet Works works seamlessly with Apartment owners and developers to ensure all required capital improvements and deferred maintenance are captured in the evaluation budgeting process and to ensure asset preservation for ownership.

Restoring, repairing and improving the mechanical systems of multifamily assets are some of the most important aspects of our multifamily operations. Valet Works protocol calls for holding daily/weekly/monthly inspections on all of common areas. We conduct an extensive preventive maintenance program exterior and interior property professionals. Utility costs are managed using retrofits, installing new lighting and taking full advantage of applicable rebate programs.

One of the most essential ways to choose which renovations would suit your community best is by dividing those renovations into one of three categories:

Repairs. These projects need to be finished in a timely matter. You don't want to have to tell future residents to expect leaks in the bathroom on rainy days because the roof has a hole in it.

Upgrades. After taking care of the repairs, look for ways to upgrade old features in your community. Perhaps a better gate, a fancier mailboxes, or some exterior paint.

Renovations. The largest and most significant projects fall under this category. A new roof, new siding, or new windows require a bigger budget but may significantly improve the first impression a future residents has upon driving up to your community.

Your repairs will take precedence over most other projects. You don't want broken windows, loose siding, and a non-functioning doorbell to greet your future residents when they arrive. Likewise, make sure your renovation budget covers everything that buyers might perceive as a hassle when they tour your community.

Remember: Exterior renovations are essential because of the strength of first impressions.

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