We offer a full range of commercial restoration services including an Emergency Response Program. The Emergency Response Program ensures that your good planning means good response. Without a good plan in place, valuable time is often lost in confusion. Knowing who to call for commercial restoration when disaster strikes can be the difference between disaster and tragedy.

Through a rich, specialized blend of assets, we facilitate large loss response, cleanup and restoration to facilities Nationwide: government buildings, apartment buildings, office buildings, hotels, banks, medical facilities, schools, restaurants, retail properties, and industrial properties.

Hurricane Harvey Impacts

Commercial restoration services require detailed knowledge of construction and structural repairs as well as large loss emergency mitigation protocols for fire, water and mold. Additionally, reputable commercial restoration company will hold a general contractor license and follow local, state, federal, OSHA, EPA and FEMA guidelines.

The goal of commercial restoration services must be to prevent the damage from expanding and save as much of the property as possible to mitigate the loss.

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