Hospitality Construction

Valet Works provides the construction management skills required to successfully complete the physical aspects of the value creation process for the acquisition of multifamily rental or conversion to condominium communities.

Valet Works executes the structural and aesthetic work that helps to create, enhance and preserve value, providing favorable returns to investors and a superior product to residents.

Due to the dynamic physical changes to a site and facility during construction phase, forming an organized construction plan and schedule is exceptionally challenging.

On the other hand, construction operations tend to be fairly standard among projects, whereas structural or foundation details might differ considerably form one hotel to another.  This complexity leads to countless possible plans for a given project.

Valet Works Construction past experience is a good guide on how to alleviate most of these issues and strains on at your hotel during construction phase.  We take a collaborative approach working with you and your hotel staff diligently and identifying concerns and potential problems and overcoming all challenges.

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