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Senior Living & Assisted Living Renovations

Valet Works Construction has the knowledge and expertise it takes to successfully update nursing homes, assisted living facilities and senior care facilities.

Our project managers and team members pay close attention ensuring the build is ADA compliant in all aspects while staying diligent to the safety of our employees, tenants and the patients throughout the construction.

With the growing number of new senior living communities recently opened or currently under construction, there is a growing need to update and refresh existing facilities to help improve their viability in the marketplace.  As new senior housing communities, providing all the latest amenities and design trends, older facilities need to position themselves as the better local option.

The appearance of a community has a significant impact on many aspects of a business.  Having an attractive, fresh, appealing, and comfortable community can improve resident’s happiness and well-being, create a better staff morale, increase public positive opinion, all which lead to increased occupancy and better financial performance of the community.

We take into consideration your community is occupied and construction phase will be a disturb.  We are able to create flexible hours by beginning work later in the morning and finishing before night hours.  It may be time to consider a renovation or redesign for your senior housing community.  Valet Works Construction can get involved early in the planning stages by provide bids, designs, construction techniques, budgets, and scheduling.

We have a dedicated pre-construction team to assist with planning the next phase of your senior housing or assisted living renovation, restoration, or remodel from individual unit upgrades/turns to full scale renovations.  After work is completed your community will be better positioned to attract and retain residents.  We will treat your project like an investment, not an expense

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