13 Ways to Elevate Your Apartment Decor without Breaching Your Lease


Not everyone can afford to move out of their apartment, especially if they live in an area where rent prices are high.

However, that doesn’t mean you could not elevate your apartment décor and you have to feel like you’re stuck in an old apartment with nothing more than your boring furniture.

Here are 13 ways to elevate your apartment decor without breaching your lease.

13 Ways to Elevate Your Apartment Décor

Depending on your lease, it may be difficult or impossible to perform major renovations like replacing your floors or switching out your lights and ceiling fans.

To elevate your apartment decor without going against the terms of your lease, try some of these smaller decor hacks instead.

1. Try Beautiful Bedding

A good-looking bed set—like a designer comforter or duvet—will make your entire bedding look better.

This is not just because it brings out-of-the-ordinary color into your bedroom but also because, as a focal point of an area, it naturally directs attention and draws in your eye.

The added benefit of investing in beautiful bedding is that it can often be used for multiple bedrooms.

No matter if you’re moving from a small to a large apartment, or from student housing to married living quarters, you won’t have to buy new furniture for each place.

2. Replace the Door Knobs with Some Stylish Design

Think all that glitters is gold? Not necessarily. The most modern and fresh door knobs can be found at any local hardware store.

They come in a variety of colors, styles, and materials, including stainless steel and nickel-plated.

The best part about replacing your door knobs is how easy it is. All you have to do is unscrew the old ones from their hinges and screw on new ones—no need for a handyman or anything!

3. Upgrade Your Apartment Entryway

An apartment’s entryway is often overlooked. While a doormat or doorbell may be enough for some, if you’re trying to elevate your apartment without breaching your lease, it might be worth spending some money on an upgrade.

Many apartment buildings will pay for changes that enhance aesthetics and property value, so consider changing out a standard lock or painting your entryway in neutral colors like white or off-white. Try to update your apartment entry with flowers, plants, or hanging beads.

4. Use Metallic and Glass Elements

Metallic elements have an elegant and rich look to them, while they can be used in many ways in your apartment.

You can use a metallic vase as a centerpiece on your dining table or side table. Similarly, you can also hang colorful wall decorations with metallic frames on your walls.

In addition, you can use many glass elements like glasses, vases, or even candle holders for decoration purposes in your apartment. These items add elegance and style and are affordable.

5. Place Furniture Strategically

One of the favorite ways to elevate your apartment decor is by placing furniture strategically around your living space.

By adding small touches here and there, you can quickly take an ordinary apartment from drab to fab.

For example, you could put a simple shelf on one wall of your living room; when combined with a few books or decorative items, it’s bound to improve your space instantly.

You could also elevate your apartment decor by adding a couple of stylish throw pillows and extra blankets to spruce up one of your couch’s decorative throws.

Even without spending any money on new furniture, you’ll find that elevating only takes a little creativity!

6. Get Some Wall Art

Investing in a few pieces of statement art for your apartment’s walls is a great way to elevate your apartment decor without breaking your lease agreement.

Artwork often adds interest and personality to otherwise underwhelming spaces. it gives you an opportunity to share your style with others.

But don’t stop at just one piece: hang different styles and sizes of art throughout your home to create cohesion between rooms.

7. Decorate with Stuff You Love

You may not be able to replace your coffee table with a new one, but you can add great personal touches like books or magazines that catch your eye.

Or add a vase of fresh flowers. If you want a photo collage on your wall, do it digitally so it’s easy to remove when you move out.

Even small details, like arranging your bedside lamp and alarm clock in an aesthetically pleasing way, can make living there feel more like home.

8. Choose Flooring Wisely

Flooring is one of your best and most affordable options for transforming a space. With so many flooring types available, you have endless design possibilities when it comes to elevating your apartment.

Carpets can add warmth, wood floors elevate a room instantly with an upscale look, and tile is durable and timeless.

When you’re choosing flooring for your rental unit, focus on value over cost. Not only will flooring last longer than paint or furniture options, but it gives you the flexibility to change up spaces without taking out another lease!

Floor sales are common in both retail stores and online retailers during certain times of the year so be sure to check them out.

9. Buy Some Fancy Plants

Plants are an easy way to make your apartment feel more upscale, especially if you’re not supposed to hang pictures or tack stuff on your walls.

Just buy some nice potted plants and line them up against a wall—either across from a window or a blank spot where you want art but can’t put anything.

10. Play With Colors

The easiest way to elevate your apartment decor is by playing with colors and patterns. Pick a wall, pick a favorite color and just go for it!

Adding bright colors or patterns to your walls can add visual interest to any room.

While you might have chosen an apartment based on its low price or spacious layout, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

Remember: walls are meant for more than hanging pictures—they’re blank canvases waiting for you, your personality, and flair. Paint them!

11. Hang Mirrors in Entries and Hallway

The hallways in your apartment can seem long, but mirrors help give them some visual interest.

Hang a mirror opposite a window and let it bounce light back into your space.

Also, consider hanging smaller mirrors opposite entry doors—this will help you make sure nothing is caught in your teeth when you head out!

12. Add Lighting at Many Different Levels

Lighting is one of those often-overlooked items in apartment decorating that can make or break a space.

If you have lots of windows, add lighting to complement them by placing lights high and low throughout your living space.

Low lighting is perfect for creating a cozy feel, while high lighting adds flair and creates interest. Although they aren’t cheap, floor lamps are an easy way to liven up any room.

13. Add Unique Area Rug or Floor Mat

One way to elevate your apartment’s decor is by adding a unique area rug or floor mat. Area rugs and mats can be found in all shapes, sizes, and materials.

You might find one that matches your existing decor (just make sure it fits with your building’s rules) or you could choose a contrasting pattern to add an unexpected style element.

And bonus: they’re not permanent so if you change up your space down the road, you can take them with you.

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