18 Best Living Room Decorating Ideas to Make Your Apartment Look Amazing

18 Best Living Room Decorating Ideas to Make Your Apartment Look Amazing

The living room is one of the most important spaces in an apartment, and it’s also the center of family life. You want your living room to be comfortable and reflect your personal style, but you might not know where to start when it comes to decorating your apartment. If you’re in need of living room decorating ideas, look no further than these 18 easy tips! These will help make your living space look amazing and add some personal flair to it as well. Your family and friends will love spending time in your new space, especially during the holidays!

1.      A Color Scheme

The most important part of decorating your living room is choosing a color scheme or combination of colors that you want to work with.

It’s easy for an apartment’s interior design to end up looking like a jumbled mess if you don’t have any overall themes in mind.

For example, you could choose neutral colors like brown and black that don’t distract from your TV and focus on smaller details (like pillows) for individual flair.

2.      Show Some Artwork on Your Walls

If you have some bold artwork hanging around, hang it on your walls to give some modern edge to your whole room. Small art pieces are especially ideal for the sitting room as they don’t take up a lot of room and look nice on any flat surface.

If you don’t have any artwork lying around, consider picking up an inexpensive set of frames and canvas at your local craft store. You can always find great deals online as well.

3.      Make Your Ceiling Look Attractive

The best way to make your neutral living room look great is by decorating your ceiling. This will add a sense of sophistication and elegance, even if you have an otherwise bare apartment.

To make your ceiling look attractive, consider using different materials such as mirrors or glass panels. Mirrors are especially effective at reflecting light and making a space appear brighter. You can also use them to create interesting patterns on your ceiling which will give it character.

Glass panels are another option that works well in modern spaces with high ceilings. They’re easy to install and they come in many different colors so you can match them with any color scheme or decor style you choose for your home.

4.      A Classic Furniture

Everyone knows that your family room can be a place for making memories with friends and family but what you may not know is that it’s also one of those rooms where you can really make a design statement.

And while there are lots of ways to make your apartment look amazing, it all starts with picking furniture and decor that reflects your personal style. Try to add a living room sofa or floor lamp if you have a large living room.

If you love clean, classic lines, then buying a few well-made pieces of furniture is definitely going to be on your list of decorating ideas. You can buy a custom sofa, console table, floral sofa, or side tables.

5.      Keep It Classic and Crisp

When it comes to minimalist living room ideas, a general rule of thumb is that classic styles work better than flamboyant, flashy ones.

If you want your apartment’s design to pop, stick with a few simple details and avoid layering on too many colors or decorations.

The same goes for furniture—keep things streamlined by choosing one style (such as modern) and sticking with it throughout your space.

And don’t forget about accessories! Consider opting for neutral furniture and accessories to balance it out. Use floor pillows, plush sofa or classic sofa, custom rug, plants, artwork, candles—anything you can think of—to add interest to any room without overcrowding it.

6.      Accent Tables

A variety of accent tables or custom cocktail tables can create interest, drama, and style in any living space. But there’s so much more than meets the eye when it comes to these little living room designs.

They’re also great ways to keep clutter off your main surfaces and display your most valuable items.

With so many different styles available, you’ll be able to find one that matches your personality. From rustic farmhouse tables to contemporary glass ones, you can find one that matches your room features perfectly.

7.      Hang a Chair in Your Living Room

The biggest problem for apartment dwellers is a lack of space, especially if you live in a studio or one-bedroom apartment.

If your living room seems cluttered and crowded with furniture, hang a chair by mounting it on an exposed beam or by attaching it securely to an empty wall. You can also consider adding a punchy couch to a neutral space.

This frees up more floor space and looks great!

8.      The Coffee Table

Coffee tables not only serve as a functional piece of custom furniture but also an attractive one. If you’re ready to adorn your living room with a chic coffee table, then these decorating ideas will provide you with ample inspiration.

Mixing different types of wood together on your coffee table can add visual interest and balance. Consider using two different kinds—such as walnut and cherry—for a bolder statement or three for something subtler. You can also go for an antique stool or side tables but it all depends on the seating arrangement.

9.      Arrange Pillows in Fun Style

A really fun way to decorate your living room is by using throw pillows. Decorate each corner of your couch with a different color and patterned pillow, or create a theme like animals, pastel, or stripes.

10. Statement Rug

A statement rug is exactly what it sounds like: a piece of home decor that really makes a statement.

A large and antique Persian rug can make a huge difference in your living room, especially if you’re going for a clean and modern look.

The patterned or neutral rug is especially good for drawing attention to walls, so if you have them, think about putting one near your mantel or entertainment center instead of on your floor.

Whether you’re working with a small living room or a large space, these design ideas will help get you on your way to creating your dream room.

11. Hang Your Old Photos on Your Wall

Don’t throw out old pictures! You can use them as an easy way to decorate a wall. All you need is some scotch tape and push pins, which you probably already have.

All it takes is a few minutes, and you’ll have a colorful gallery of your life on display. Hang your favorite photos of loved ones in chronological order, or randomly—it really doesn’t matter how they go together as long as they look great!

12. Make Things Easy on Yourself

A living room should be a place where you can kick back, relax and feel good. And while redecorating your apartment is indeed a lot of fun, it can also get stressful if you’re not careful.

Keep things easy on yourself by sticking with colors and patterns that match well and look cohesive. Opt for neutral colors like black, white, or grey in large quantities—after all, they will give any space a unified appearance.

13. Lighting

The first thing you’ll want to do is light your living room up. Lighting can dramatically alter how a room feels, and it’s absolutely essential for accentuating your best decorating ideas.

Create a focal point for your living room with an eye-catching flush mount chandelier, which is great for low ceilings, or try a stylish pendant light in large spaces.

If you want your apartment to look as inviting as possible and dim lighting will help you accomplish that goal. You can also get help from interior designers to plan your room for natural light but it is your choice.

14. Arrange Books in Style

Give your joyful living room a sophisticated vibe by arranging books, candles, and other decorative elements along your bookshelves.

It’s a great idea to display several of your favorite reads on your shelves. Arrange them in an order to create balance and makes it easy for people who visit you to find what they’re looking for.

The bookshelf is one of those oft-overlooked areas that can really add personality to an apartment or home—make it work for you!

15. Tilted Mirror

One of our favorite living room ideas is a tilted mirror. If you have a nice big wall in your living room, a tilted mirror can do wonders for making your living room walls look larger and more impressive.

Tilting mirrors are often used on hallways, entryways, and bathrooms but can really add some oomph to an otherwise bland space. They’re also quite affordable!

16. Bring the Fun to the Floor

When decorating your living space, consider flooring first. This can be a great foundation for creating a fun atmosphere in your apartment.

If you want to create a space that’s bursting with life and energy, think about colorful area rugs. For example, I really like how Crate & Barrel uses vibrant floral patterns in its rug designs. These simple changes make all of the difference!

17. Mix and Match Patterns

One of the favorite living room decorating ideas for an apartment is to mix and match patterns. Try to stick with two patterns, so it doesn’t get too overwhelming.

For example, you can use a striped pattern on your sofa and throw pillows while using a solid color on your coffee table or chair cushions. This will give you some visual interest without going overboard.

18. Hang Cool and Colorful Curtain

Curtains are not just used for creating a buffer between rooms or keeping out light. They also add color and appeal to a room, making it look more beautiful and lively.

You can go in for sheer curtains if you want privacy, but patterns are great too. Here’s an idea: hang an attractive fabric curtain that has lovely blocks of bright colors—such as reds, yellows, oranges, greens, and purples—to make your formal living room look more colorful and appealing.

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