3 Main Types of Renovations To Boost Your Apartment’s Value


Renovations are the best way to maintain the value of the apartment. If done properly, these renovations add a new dimension to the beauty of your apartment. So it is important that before renovating your apartment, you do your complete research. Do you want to renovate your apartment and get the highest return from it?

There are several ways in which you can improve your apartment if you want to give it a luxurious and comfortable look to your apartment. Apartments can be renovated by different methods like carpentry, painting, decorating, and others.

Here is a list of different types of renovation projects that can be done on the apartment to boost its value.

1.  The Basic Project Renovations

When purchasing an apartment, every buyer wants some basic necessities to be there. All apartment buyers, including first-time buyers, have a checklist that covers all of these features.

In luxury properties, the essentials may also include a specified number of bedrooms, baths, and any other neighborhood-standard features. This includes a leak-free roof, functioning downspouts and gutters, a reliable gas furnace, a usable space, solid floors, walls that are in good condition, and plumbing and HVAC systems that are operational.

Kitchen Renovations

●     Freshen up the walls

Dirty paint, an outdated color, or fading wallpaper make the apartment look unattractive. Apply thick coats of fresh paint on walls. You may take help from kitchen remodel projects online to get an idea of which color you should be applying on the kitchen walls.

●     Attach crown molding

Putting in crown molding is a surprisingly easy task that can add character to your rooms. Attaching the crown molds requires some carpentry skills as well as the appropriate tools, but it is a relatively inexpensive DIY project.

●     Replace any broken fixtures.

Outlet covers switch plates, and cabinet knobs are all items that can make the apartment attractive in just a few bucks. Install new countertops in the kitchen. Use energy-efficient appliances.

If you aim to sell your apartment, consider colors and finishes that will appeal to a wide range of people.

●     Restore hardwood floors

If you have wood floors, you may need to refinish them to bring them back to their former glory, but this will be much less expensive than laying new flooring from the ground up.

●     Paint the kitchen cabinets

Clean the cabinets first to prevent dirt and grease residues from ruining your job. White cabinets brighten a kitchen and are simple to refinish if a future owner wants something different.

●     Replace cabinet knobs and drawer handles with new ones.

Whether you rebuild your cabinets or not, updating this hardware can give your kitchen a new look.

Bathroom Renovations

●     Replace the bathroom floor

You can save a lot of money by installing it yourself. To provide the most value, choose a neutral-colored tile.

●     Replace any broken fixtures.

If your bathroom fixtures are generic, inexpensive, or old, replacing them with newer, more customized versions can make them gleam and appear more high-end. Install a few expensive items in the guest bathroom to create an elegant look.

Bathroom remodeling is highly important and you should spend a handsome amount on it.

General Renovations

●     Add ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are an attractive addition to the bedroom since they allow you to save money on your electricity costs. If you don’t already have overhead lighting wiring, you may need to employ a professional, which will raise the cost of this project dramatically.

●     Enhance your window treatments

The low-cost paper shades, vertical plastic blinds, or horizontal aluminum blinds that may have come with your apartment do not seem attractive. Plantation shutters, wooden blinds, or curtains could be used in their place. If you’re selling your property, consider neutral elements that will help you achieve a better price.

●     Restore the hardwood floors

If you have wood floors, you may need to refinish them to bring them back to their former glory, but this will be much less expensive than laying new flooring from the ground up.

●     Clean the bricks in the fireplace

Make your fireplace as appealing as possible because it can be a big selling point in an apartment. Some of the brick is likely to be discolored with soot and creosote. Wipe away some of the soot with a damp rag.

This does not imply that you must upgrade everything instead you can concentrate on routine maintenance and less expensive enhancements that keep the things in working order. Adding the basic essentials to a property that lacks them has no value-adding effect. It just raises the apartment’s standards allowing you to seek a comparable price.

2.  Curb Appeal Project Renovations

Efforts devoted to enhancing an apartment’s curb appeal make it more attractive to potential buyers as soon as they arrive. While these repairs may not add a substantial amount of monetary worth, they will help your apartment sell faster, and you can save money and time by performing much of the work yourself.

Exterior Renovations

Here are a few easy ways to improve the appearance of your apartment

●     Replace the front door

If you can’t afford a new door, a fresh coat of paint in a pleasing hue might suffice.

●     Replace the front doormat with a new one

A doormat may cost but it will make a great difference because it’s one of the first impressions guests get of your property.

●     Take care of the gutters

Water damage can eventually affect the structural integrity of a home, resulting in pricey repairs. Repair any damage caused by water, molds, or mildew.

●     Re-paint the exterior of the apartment

Even if you have to hire someone to do it, it’s still a relatively inexpensive home repair that can make your house look almost new from the outside. Use vinyl siding for the apartment exterior.

Bold design choices for the interior are not suitable in this era. Try to choose elegant and subtle designs that will appeal to a wider audience.

If you need assistance with these undertakings, you can visit us at ValetWorks.com we have a proper team of professional interior decorators. Just ensure that you opt for less expensive choices.

Best Value for Money

Fix-and-flip professionals choose projects that boost resale value, and the apartment owners should prioritize these too.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) identifies wood flooring (new or refinished), kitchen renovations (new countertops and state-of-the-art equipment), and renovated bathrooms are the projects that often repay 80 percent or more of their cost upon resale. Certain exterior improvements, including roofing, siding, doors, windows, and energy upgrades, also provide an excellent return on investment.

3.  Personal Interest Projects

Unconcerned with expense, apartment owners sometimes make investments in activities they enjoy, such as hot tubs, wine cellars, and game rooms as personal interest projects. These projects are considered remodeling projects as they involve the change in the layout of an apartment. These amazing amenities are quite costly and most potential buyers will not pay a premium for them.

There’s no wrong in installing these features such as game rooms to your apartment, but you shouldn’t expect purchasers to pay a premium for them when you decide to sell.

Renovating Your Apartment with VALET WORKS

A wide range of renovations, suitable for all budgets and levels of skill and passion, can provide the most value to your property, whether for potential buyers or for yourself. Hiring a licensed contractor for your apartment’s renovation will be helpful. The renovation projects carried out by professionals can really change the entire look of your apartment.

Valet Works offer all kinds of different renovation projects to enhance the value of your commercial property with our skilled and professional teams. We provide you with a free consultation on your apartment renovation projects. We focus on guiding you through the entire process, from designing your dream space to executing it.

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