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Apartment Value-Add Services

Valet Works value your community’s reputation. This is why we only hire employees who pass our 8-Step Screening Process and exemplify Valet Works ethics and moral values.

Top Reasons to acquire our services

• Increase your asset value by adding a new revenue stream

• Average property value increases $550,000 - $1,000,000 based on a cap rate of 6 to 8 percent


• Be the first of your competitors to add these services and amenities

• Add a new, great amenity to your community with no start-up cost

Reduce Maintenance Payroll

• Work order backlogs could result in paying maintenance staff overtime

• Valet Works enables your maintenance staff to strictly focus on work orders

• Manage your community efficiently with less employees and benefit from the Obama Act

Improve Your Properties appearance

• Valet Works use leak resistance bags when carrying trash bag through hallways and down stair to prevent further damage and permanent stains to ground

• With our Landscaping Program your community will illuminate year round

• Valet Works Pressure washing service will make your community appear newer

• Reduce those dark permanent stains and odors throughout hallways


• No more trips to the dump compactor in hot, cold, or rainy weather

• No more loading trash in or on personal vehicles (show picture)

• Less trash build up in individual units; creating less damage, cleaning, and turnover fees when the tenant moves out.

Let's Design A Masterpiece!

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Our designers can work with you to make your remodel an amazing space for years to come.

Commercial Renovations
Apartment Value Add Renovation

Multi-Family Capital Expenditures (Cap Ex Projects)
Commercial Office Build Outs & Retail
Hospitality Renovations and Restaurants


Roofing & Painting, Apartment Value Add Renovation, Multi-Family Capital Expenditures (Cap Ex Projects), Commercial Office Build Outs & Retail, Hospitality Renovations and Restaurants

Here are some of the communities we’ve worked in:

1st Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia, 2nd Headquarters Los Angeles California, All North Georgia area, All North and South California areas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, California, Southeast States, and West Coast