Bathroom Remodel Checklist- How to Design a Perfect Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Bathroom remodeling is a hectic, time-consuming and-exciting task, giving a stylish and modern look to your bathroom and increasing the market value of your home at the same time. Remodeling your bathroom can be simple to complex depending upon your project’s goals and budget. Before indulging yourself in a bathroom remodeling project devise a plan. A well-planned remodeling project can help you to save a lot of money, making sure that you are right on track. Bathroom remodeling can be a stressful experience if you don’t have a proper layout.

So what things do you need to consider before undertaking a remodeling project?

There is a list of factors which are needed to be addressed beforehand like, making a plan, gathering ideas, making a budget, things to get rid of, etc. before starting a remodeling project.

So if you have made up your mind to remodel your bathroom and don’t know where to start? Let us guide you. We have come up with this article, having a 6-point checklist about the bathroom remodeling process. After reading this article it’ll be easy for you to take some money-saving smart decisions to avoid unpleasant experiences. Helping you to create a wonderful bathroom without spending a single extra penny.

What You Need to Know About Remodeling Your Bathroom

With varying in complexity, a bathroom remodel can be very simple or very complex. In order to avoid any fiasco and make your project a complete success, here is a list of some steps that are needed to be taken before time.

1.   Congregate Ideas About Design Type and Functionality

The 1st thing to consider is, what type of design do you want for your bathroom? While keeping in view its functionality. To complete your final design, many factors are needed to consider like what kind of tiles, tubs, faucets, paint color, vanities, shower you want, and the list goes on. It can be very confusing for you to decide so always do some research. Look on the internet and social media to get some stunning ideas for your bathroom. In order to get a broader picture start placing together the elements you like, to know what your final design will look like. Another way is to visit a home improvement store and choose the items that look catchy and that you want to feature in your bathroom. Then work out the rest of the bathroom design keeping in view the items. Functionality and design should go hand in hand.

2.   Look for The Things That Need to Be Changed

Now decide the project’s scope/range. What do you want to change in your bathroom? Will you be changing your whole bathroom look or going for a few fixtures and accessories? Or just painting walls and flooring the bathroom? The more the work, the more the load on your budget and the more time it will take. so let’s have a look at items that you might want to change during your project.

●     Flooring and Walls

While surfacing the floor and walls of your bathroom, keep 3 things in mind i.e., the material should be watertight, heavy-duty, and slip-resistant. Some flooring materials are made waterproof through an impervious finish.

Stock tiles have all these features and also beautify your bathroom. There is a wide range of ceramic, granite, marble, vinyl, and mosaic tiles giving your bathroom a dynamic and attractive look. Shop them according to your range

●     Plumbing Fixtures and Features

Remodeling is incomplete without repairing features and fixtures and has a separate checklist. The products needed for plumbing fixtures and features include bathtub, shower, shower tapware, shower heads, bidet, basin sink, basin tapware, faucets, toilet, toilet paper holder, and bath filler. Shop the bathroom plumbing and fixtures from the above checklist according to your needs. Changing the drawer pulls, door handles or overall hardware for your shower will drastically boom the look of your bathroom.

●     Cabinetry, Shelving, and Storage

In bathrooms, due to small space, cabinetry, shelving, and storing is a tricky things to do. It all depends upon the number of people using the bathroom and the size of your bathroom. These must be large enough to accommodate all of your stuff and be functional. On top of all, they must give stylish look to your bathroom.

●     Lighting

Proper functional artificial lights, such as pendant lights and downlights, can give attraction to your bathroom look. Without proper lighting, a bathroom can be absolutely dangerous. First priority should be to maximize natural light and then artificial one. It is recommended that your bathroom should be equipped with fluorescent lights of at least 4 watts per square foot.

●     Ventilation

In the humid environment of the bathroom, ventilation is really important. Keep 3 things in mind while ventilating your bathroom i.e., the fan should be of excellent quality, make sure the wiring is good and look for the right position for its installation. Improper ventilation can render your bathroom musty and moist, harming your health. To prevent the rooting of any wooden material or fixture and insulation of the building, ventilation is necessary.

●     Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories such as wash clothes, mirrors, new towels, racks, bath mats, grab bars, curtains, soaps, soap holders, soap and lotion dispensers, and wash clothes. Such small stuff may look insignificant but remodeling is incomplete without them.


3.   Accurate Measurements

After deciding things that you want to change, the next step is to take accurate measurements. Having exact measurements is of prime importance in bathroom remodeling. If you know the exact location of electrical wiring, and previous plumbing pipes it’ll make it easy to have correct specifications and accurate measurements. Without it buying the stuff would be tough and you will end up purchasing stuff more than the demand.

4.   Hiring A Contractor

Keeping in view the difficulty of the job, hiring a contractor is the smart thing to do. Contractors can give you innovative ideas regarding the design, thus saving money. They may also give a warranty on the material they install so try to avail the advantages and keep yourself safe from the workload.

5.   Device A Budget

After taking the measurements and deciding on the type of materials, fixtures, and finishes for your bathroom. Take into consideration, whether you’re going to hire a contractor or want to do it by yourself then devise a budget. It will help you to stay on track, keeping the extra expenditures minimum. While making a budget, include the following things:

  • If you’re hiring a contractor or workers, add the price at which you are hiring them (including the installation fee).
  • If designing is done by a professional, including his cost
  • The market price of material you want to replace (cabinets, paints, tiles, accessories, etc.) and supplies (tools, fixatives, etc.) which will be used.
  • Taking leave from the office will also affect your income, add that amount to the budget

6.   Sequence of Work

Make sure to complete bathroom renovation in a specific sequence to save yourself from a lot of fuss and clean-up time. Always start from the top of the bathroom while remodeling no matter if you are simply repainting or tearing the sheetrock. To save your new components from damage, remodel your bathroom in the following order: 1st of all ceiling than the walls and floor in the last.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When remodeling a bathroom What should I pick first?

Start from the ceiling then walls and at the end remodel your floor to save your newly installed components.

What is bathroom wainscoting?

A method used to cover the walls or corners of your washroom around the bathtubs and sinks with wood panels.

How much does a bathroom remodel cost?

Bathroom remodeling cost ranges from $2500 to $30000.

Should you tile behind a toilet?

It is not necessary, tiles are used to protect the walls from water damage.

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