Everything You Need To Know About 8A Contractors


Are you thinking of becoming an 8A contractor? This article provides a comprehensive overview of what it takes to become one, the benefits and risks associated with the program, and tips for success.

8A contractors are small businesses owned by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals that have been approved to receive special assistance from the U.S. This is a 9 years program in which the U.S. government trains contractors. These contractors must demonstrate their capability to perform contracts, meet objectives, and manage a successful business in order to be eligible for 8A certification.

Benefits of becoming an 8A contractor include access to sole source contracts, priority technical assistance from the SBA, and mentoring and counseling. Following are the topics necessary for you to understand more about 8A contracts.

Becoming an 8A Contractor

Becoming an 8A contractor means you are going to be trained by the U.S. government SBA. This will help you grow your business and be a tag for your company of quality and reliability.

Requirements for Becoming an 8A Contractor

In order to become an 8A contractor, several requirements must be met.

1. Disadvantaged Business

8A contracts are only provided to the ones having a disadvantaged business. So if your business is going through a hard time or is disadvantaged, this will make you eligible for the 8A program and increase your chances of getting selected.

2. Demonstrate Potential

Showing potential to become an 8A contractor requires preparation and dedication. It is important to build a solid reputation within the business community by providing quality services, excellent customer service, and financial stability.

Understanding the SBA’s 8A program requirements and meeting them can help you develop a competitive advantage when competing for contracts.

3. Assets, Networth, and Income

To be eligible for 8A contracts, you must have a net worth of $850 thousand or less. Gross income of $400 thousand or less. And total assets around about $6.5 million or less.

4. Previous 8A Participation

One must not have participated in the 8A certification before because these are the terms and conditions provided by the SBA through the U.S. government.

5. Good Character

And last but not least, the contractor must have good character so that it can prove to be beneficial for himself as well as others too. Because good behavior attracts others.

Additional Tips

If you are thinking of becoming an 8A contractor, always keep a few following points in mind.

  • Never make a team of irresponsible people, as a good team guarantees a good future for your company.
  • Make good social contacts. Because if you are going to become an 8A contractor, you will be contacted by other clients other than the government, too, so you must have a good name among the people.
  • Always remain truthful and honest, as this is the first rule for the business. People will be attracted more toward you if you are honest and truthful.

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