How to Renovate a Master Bedroom: An Ultimate Guide


If you’re planning to renovate your master bedroom, you might have some questions about what to do. How can you update your room so that it has the most functionality possible?

How can you make it more beautiful and comfortable without breaking the bank? And what about making it look its best?

We’ve got answers to all of these questions in this ultimate guide on how to renovate a master bedroom. So keep reading!

Create a Style Board

Start with a fresh sheet of paper. Write master bedroom at one end and bedside table at the other.

Then begin pinning anything and everything that comes to mind in between, from colors and patterns to furniture, carpeting, and paint.

You don’t have to stick with any particular colors or themes—go for what looks good. You can save editing for later. It will be helpful for you during the renovation.

Understand Your Budgets

Though you don’t need tens of thousands of dollars for an effective master bedroom renovation, you do need a realistic budget.

In addition to major expenses like appliances and flooring, be sure to factor in costs like paint, new storage units, and accent pieces.

If you want to completely change up your design aesthetic with accessories like wallpaper or furniture, consider investing in a professional designer—it could pay off handsomely when it comes time for resale.

13 Tips to Renovate a Master Bedroom

A master bedroom is where you rest, recover and reset. A simple renovation can make it an even more relaxing and rejuvenating space. The following are some ways to renovate your master bedroom.

1. Simplicity is King

When it comes to bedroom decor, simplicity is king (or queen). As an added bonus, fewer decorations in a bedroom means less clutter—which is great if you struggle with organization or are always rushing out of the house.

Keep your bedroom clean and uncluttered by investing in a few key pieces that will serve as focal points.

If you’re not sure where to start, try these ideas:

  1. A beautiful headboard and bed frame can give your bedroom new life
  2. Fresh paint and new wall art will breathe life into any room.
  3. Installing new light fixtures can make a huge difference by illuminating dark corners and making your space feel more open.

2. Decoration Should Reflect Your Personal Style

If you’re going for high-end appeal in your master bedroom, you don’t have to have actual fancy furniture and accessories.

Instead, infuse your room with decorative elements that mean something to you. A unique light fixture, an antique dresser, or an ethnic rug will make your bedroom feel like home (which is one of these things everyone needs in their life).

It doesn’t have to be new. Just make sure it’s something you absolutely love.

3. Decide on Lighting

Master bedrooms come in many different shapes and sizes, but most have at least one thing in common—they need great lighting.

Master bedrooms are typically rooms that can get quite dark, especially if they’re located on the top floor of your home or beneath a roofline.

If you’re renovating your master bedroom and want it to feel welcoming and warm, light is key!

Try adding some track lighting above your bed or painting sections of your ceiling white so that natural light penetrates deeper into your space.

4. Consider Adding Some Table Lamps and Sconces

One essential piece of bedroom decor is sconces. In addition to any overhead lighting, consider adding some table lamps and sconces—this will ensure that you have more light at night when you want it.

Also, lamps and sconces tend to come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Keep in mind that different ones may make your room feel unique or complement each other better than others.

5. Add Some Wow with Paint Effects

As we all know, paint can really transform a room. The addition of color, pattern, or texture is often enough to bring an entire space together.

But there are also times when you want something more—and for that, there’s a paint effect. We’re talking about stenciling, sponging, and silk screening here.

These three are great DIY tricks for bringing some personal flair into your master bedroom revamp.

6. Change Furniture Arrangements

What you do with your furniture, particularly in your master bedroom, can have an enormous impact on how much space you feel you have.

A good starting point is to move things around strategically. Furniture that serves two purposes can often be repurposed or moved in order to create more space and clear any clutter from sight.

For example, if your dresser doubles as a nightstand (or vice versa), then removing one of them could make all of your other furniture items look bigger and less cramped together.

7. Choose Your Carpet

Carpeting can drastically change how your bedroom feels. Choose a light carpet if you want your bedroom to feel more open and inviting, or darker carpets if you want a cozy atmosphere.

This decision will likely be based on how bright or dark your room already is. A brighter room might require lighter carpeting; a darker room could use darker carpeting.

Regardless of what kind of carpet you choose, don’t forget to vacuum frequently (daily, even) so that it always looks its best!

8. Consider Painting Fixtures

A popular way to renovate a master bedroom is by repainting fixtures. Painting such accessories as lamps, nightstands, and chairs can add a splash of color and personality to an otherwise white or neutral room.

It’s easy for these items to look dated after just one year, which makes painting them an especially great option if you plan on redecorating regularly. Or, you can save money on decorations by only decorating with fresh paint!

9. Add Some Indoor Plants

Indoor plants aren’t just good for you but they’re good for your apartment. A study by NASA found that people who have plants in their homes or office are more productive.

Plants also help filter indoor air and improve mood—there’s something about watching a plant grow that makes us feel like we can grow, too.

So if you want to give your bedroom an update, try adding some indoor plants and see how it feels!

10. Cover the Window with Eye-Catching Design

When you’re renovating, cover your windows with an eye-catching design. For example, if you have curtains on your window, use drapes that are similar in color but different in style. There are many different ways to decorate a bedroom window depending on its size.

11. Hang Family Photos on Walls

Plus, having meaningful photos on display actually makes you happier—and it helps you connect with your family and what’s important in life.

12. Place Metallic and Glass Elements

The best way to achieve a sense of grandeur and spaciousness in your master bedroom is by incorporating metallic and glass elements.

Choosing these materials can make even smaller bedrooms feel bigger. To take advantage of their impressive reflective capabilities, place them on your walls and ceiling using different sizes and arrangements.

For instance, you can use large mirrors as headboards or bedside tables or install metal wall art panels behind your beds for added visual interest.

13. Don’t Forget about Outside Space

With some light fixtures and bedroom decor, it will turn into your personal spa retreat.

Are You Looking for a Trustworthy Renovation Service?

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