Playground Build Outs – Apartment Complexes


1000 Crystal Lake Cir Macon, GA 31206

2909 Campbellton Road SW Atlanta, GA 30311

7645 Garners Ferry Road. Columbia, SC 29209

We told you no job is too small.  A new client wanted to build our trust and promised to start us out on really small projects.  Basically, projects to vet us out and make sure we stand by our word. We did not hesitate to say yes to these playground builds to earn a new client.

These playgrounds projects lead to $300,000.00 more in sales from this client.  I cannot tell you how much fun our team had on these playgrounds, swinging and seeing can jump the furthest, seesaw, and riding the spring horses. Oh, and Amanda won the jump contest. PLEASE DO NOT TELL OUR BOSS!

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