Dear Residents,

Valet Works goal is to provide your community with luxury amenities and services creating a superb living experience for you and members of your community.

As a prestigious vendor for apartment complexes and condominiums, Valet Works strive to make your life easy. We add value to communities and love to keep your neighborhood clean.

All of our employees are background checked, trained, and educated to carry out their duties. They also can be easily identified in their Valet Works Uniforms. All Valet Works employees are committed to providing you and your neighbors with the best customer service. We only provide services and amenities you will appreciate.

With Valet Works convenient door-to-door trash pick-up service we make “taking out the trash” hassle free. This amenity also stops waste build-up in homes potentially damaging living space areas, and stops foul, unwanted odors in your home. Valet trash service also is a simplistic way of saving you time. With our five night per week trash pick-up service you no longer have to load trash into or on your personal vehicle, nor prolong the inconvenience of walking your trash to the community compactor/dump. Valet Works takes your trash to your community’s compactor for you in the hot summers, cold winters, and rain. All you have to do is sit your trash next to your door in the given time frame. Valet Works does the rest!

Are you tired of seeing your neighbors leave their waste in hallways and breezeways, and getting whiffs of foul odors when arriving or leaving home? This is where we come in. Our Valet trash pick-up service is extremely organized. We take your trash away in leak proof bags to prevent those unappealing stains throughout hallways, breezeways, and stairs. In addition, this amenity also promotes “going green” by making you and members of your community more environmentally conscious on the amount of waste you dispose.

Valet Works Thank You For Your Participation

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