Valet Works Security Team

Valet Works will keep your community safe and peaceful.  We have a highly trained and professional team of security personnel who specialize in providing security in multi-family environments.  Our security personnel primarily responsibility is to provide a high level of customer service by monitoring and securing communities, assets, and people.  They receive extensive training on handling emergency situations and writing detailed reports.

Acquiring our security service 1 or 2 nights per week could make a substantial difference in your community.  We have strategies such as alternating the nights or days our security personnel is on your property which disrupts criminal planning.  Our goal is to not only be readily available and accessible on a moments notice but to help them understand some of the best security options available to them at a reasonable cost.  There is no question it is a differentiator for the apartment complex if their renters feel they offer more security than another similar complex.  So many are using this as a key component, especially with crime rates on the rise due to the economy and other factors.

Did You Know?...

Parents ranked security as a more important attribute than price when it comes to selecting an apartment for their children.  This study was developed in 2013 by J Turner Research.

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