Why Valet Trash Pickup?

Valet Trash Pickup

Valet Trash Pickup, #1 Community Amenity
Multifamily Executive Magazine, published by Hanley Wood
Valet Trash Pickup, #1 Community Amenity
Rent.com Ranking from year 2010

Trash Disposal/Trash Areas “Greatest Frequencies of Written Resident Complaints”
CEL & Associates

72%-76% of Residents seek time-saving services
CEL & Associates

Valet Works Valet Trash Services makes “taking out the trash” hassle free! You will now have the ease of simply dropping their trash and recyclables into a receptacle right outside your door. You no longer have the inconvenience of walking to a far away dumpster/compactor or the struggle of carrying heavy loads of garbage down long flights of stairs. What was once a chore is now your #1 amenity!

Residents Benefits

  • Convenience – no more carrying smelly loads or driving trash to a far away compactor to sort waste or recyclables
  • Go Green – Recycling is the easiest way to “Go Green!” Protect the planet from your doorstep
  • Safety – No more late night trips through the parking lot. Stop bag leakage on or in your car!
  • Crime Deterrent – Uniformed attendants on property during peak crime hours
  • Better living environment: Enhanced beautification of Property and immediate living area
  • Never Purchase a Trash and/or recycling can/bag again: Valet Works containers become move-in gifts that also act as your kitchen garbage receptacles.



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